Prembud s.c. is professional and comprehensive help
knowledge acquired for years of practice

PREMBUD company has been in business since 1992. Our company has two main business profiles: HYDRAULICS and PARTS FOR CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY.

We want to reduce the difficulties of our customers looking for a trusted company. That is why the constantly expanding offer sales and expanding range of services.

Scope of the offer

We want our customers in one place received professional and comprehensive assistance, which will restore the efficiency of their machines.

We provide a detailed explanation in this and are happy to share our knowledge, acquired through years of practice and experience. There is also the possibility of prior consultation on the selection of appropriate products, hydraulic design or determine the causes of failures, both in our company as well as in you for a specific job.

The advantages of hydraulic drives

  • small size and weight, compact,
  • durability and reliability,
  • a high starting torque at a high acceleration and deceleration,
  • smooth, stepless speed and change of direction of movement,
  • high load capacity at low speeds of movement,
  • ease overload protection,
  • realization that any movements of the actuator device: reciprocating, oscillatory and rotary
  • precision operation,
  • standardization of components and ease of automation,
  • ease of installation even over long distances,
  • low maintenance costs due to the lubricating properties of the medium.

Excavator - characteristics

Excavator - earth moving machine, used to separate ore from the ground and moving on means of transport or in a landfill.

Excavator may also serve as a handling device (then acquires and transmits only the granular material). Machines are generally used wherever there is now the necessity of such processes, therefore is used widely in earthworks construction, transport and mining.

Other interesting applications, excavators must be underwater excavator designed for exploitation of marine mineral deposits, so-called. concretions. Another unusual option is linotorowa excavator, which also includes Hoist linotorowych. Minor earthworks are often used backhoe loader built on the tractor.